PMP is professional in working those precision metal parts made by Aluminium, Stainless steel, Copper/brass , Steel alloy ...etc. Our producing component is mainly applied in Professional Stage Lighting Equipment, automobile parts, foodstuff equipment, Industrial equipment parts and medical equipment etc..

Production work will be made according to the different requirements of appropriate production process

Automation Machining working

The automation machining workshop is composed of CNC Machine Center Department, CNC Lathe Department and CAM Lathe Department. It possesses a hundred imported production equipments from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It can handle a diameter of material from 3mm to 250mm and ensure the precision in 0.01mm or below.

Grinding Workshop

The grinding workshop is also equipped with different kinds of horizontal grinding machine and magnetic grinding machine etc. It enables the processing of parts ranging below or equal to 50mm in diameter and ensure the precision in 0.005mm.

Die Casting

We can work all those metal parts by Die casting mold based on customer's requirement. The die casting dies always play considerably important roles. It can provide an excellent dimensional accuracy , smooth cast surfaces, reduces or eliminates secondary machining operations and rapid production rates.

The pursuit of "Precision" can continue pushing us to promote and improve our semi-automation and fully automation equipment. We are not only introduction of new equipment but also improve the technical operations in order to achieve all those component with high quality requirement.

"Precise" understand great importance the quality and efficient production time. We continually develop a semi-automatic and automatic production. We design and improve automation equipment to develop an automation production in order to response the requirement of high quality component, keep smooth running for long-term order.




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